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Body Image

When you hear the phrase body image, what do you think of? Are you happy with your body? Do you compare yourself to others? Do you compare yourself to celebrities? Or, do you get caught up in the airbrushed models on magazine covers? Whether you are male or female, many people struggle or have struggled with body image. Have you? Body image is difficult. Especially during the teen years as our bodies change. Then, we may struggle as we attend a new high school. Even more, as we head to college, that is a whole new experience where we may struggle with our body image. However, when you think of body image, have you ever thought of what is "inside" of you that counts? You can "look" like you have a good outside body image, but inside is really what matters. It never fails to make headlines that an actress is being criticized for her weight. In fact, I saw that headline this week, so I chose this as my blog today. Or, other headlines usually are due to models gaining weight which is sadly a top story.

Weight and the number on the scale isn't the issue, it is the stereotype we place on body image in our society. Being healthy is just not about fitting into the insurance guidelines that state "based on your weight, ... is what you should weigh". If I have four clients that are the same height, their goal weight and ideal weight probably will be four different numbers. That is okay! It is time to work on your body image if you look in the mirror and are upset. Is this an easy feat to accomplish? Probably not. However, with a counselor and a registered dietitian involved, you can have success.

If anyone you know suffers from body image and an eating disorder, please provide safe options such as trained medical professionals specializing in eating disorders. To truly have success with overcoming an eating disorder, the person needs a physician, counselor, and registered dietitian to collaborate the care. It is very complicated so if you are a family member, seek out trained medical professionals. More damage can be done if you try to cure this yourself.

You don't have to rate as a "Perfect 10" to love yourself. As long as you are comfortable with whom you are, that is what really matters. People will always have their opinions, but it is your own opinion of yourself that truly counts. It is time to not judge yourself or someone else on what size clothes they wear or how they look in a mirror. Why do we have to judge people anyway? Remember, "don't judge a book by its cover". The same goes for a person. Please don't judge a person based on their outside appearance. I'd rather have you "judge" me if you need to "judge" me on my interpersonal skills, my integrity, and my personality. But, it is your choice. I can't force you to overlook people's outside appearance or your own appearance. However, you will be alot happier if you can move forward, beyond looks, and get to know the person for whom the person is inside.

Do you need reputable, professional resources to overcome an eating disorder? This Saturday, April 18th, 2015, there is a church that is providing a Women's Retreat from 3-5pm discussing body image and how we can find satisfaction without relying on our body image. Contact me and I will gladly provide you more details about the event and the tools needed to move in a positive direction. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. Enjoy the day and your inside body!

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