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What is your diet this week?

What is your diet this week? In the media, whether it is on the web, on the nightly or morning news, in the newspaper, or the magazine you pass by in the check out lane, what diet is being advertised? The diet is usually going to change. After all, that is how "diets" work. You start one, either are or aren't successful, and you stop after a certain time. Did you stop due to boredom, or was the diet unrealistic? Or, did it say you could never have your favorite food?

Diets are just fads, trends, and false advertising! They are here today, gone tomorrow. How much money have you spent buying the latest book or the latest diet that will "solve all your dieting problems, help you lose 10 pounds in a week," or some other claim that sounds too good, but usually isn't true? It is good to try new foods, but "foods" is the key term, not diets. Diets die, but foods help you survive!

As a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified diabetes educator, my goal is to get you to use foods as part of your improved health. By choosing real foods, these can help you succeed with your nutritional goals. Whether that is improving your diabetes control, having a safer relationship with food instead of a food being a punishment or restriction, or selecting foods that fit for your food sensitivities, the key is working on your food choices. I dislike the word diet as it sets you up for failure. Another way to talk about your eating could include my food plan or my food selections or my food choices. Those terms don't seem to have a negative feeling when you compare that to the word diet. Usually, when someone says they are on a diet, you don't immediately think they can eat any and everything. Instead, it is usually, what food/foods/food groups are you restricting.

Lets move beyond restriction and diets. Instead, lets work towards healthier food, nutrition, and wellness goals. By working on these goals, you can see the benefits. It is about small changes that become habits, vs having the "diet" habit that is hard to maintain. Do you want to learn more about nutrition and how it impacts your health? Do you want to stop the yoyo dieting? Call or e-mail AB Nutrition Solutions with your questions and see if nutrition counseling is what you have been missing.

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