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Standing Desk

What is your work day like? Do you sit all day, stand all day, or somewhere in between? As a registered dietitian nutritionist, certified diabetes educator, certified LEAP therapist, and certified exercise physiologist, not only do I have a healthy lifestyle, but I also need to pay attention to my work space. What do I mean? If I'm at my office most days of the week, and working hours each day, I need to make sure my work space is the best configuration and safest to provide the best posture and promote productivity.

Since I recently moved into a new office location, I've been routinely moving items (furniture) around to find the best suited space for me. However, since I sit during client appointments and meetings, I wanted an option so I could balance the sitting time with more standing. I need to do billing, paperwork, presentations during the time I'm working at my desk. The AnthroDesk was what I was looking for to help me add more standing time while I'm working. Ergospring Standing Desk Converter-Extra Wide has definitely helped me by changing my work environment for the better and allowing me to stand to accomplish many tasks at my desk. Not only is this product beneficial for my long term healthy lifestyle, but I wanted to try out the Standing desk anti-fatigue mat (black) too. The mat is great for my feet as it definitely provides much needed cushion that I did not have on the hardwood office floors.

I'm definitely thankful to have the additions to my desk space and can now feel more comfortable balancing my sitting and standing time while at work! What does your work space look like?


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