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Phase One & Already Seeing Results

I'm happy to report I finally started my food sensitivity phase one meal planning and eating!

Keep in mind, food sensitivity testing is individualized so what I may or may not eat will vary from your results when you get tested.

Here is my breakfast or it could be any meal! It's a southwestern omelet with some avocado oil, two cage free eggs, some small avocado pieces, some grilled corn off of the cob, and some rice. I'm definitely a lot more adventurous than when I started this past Monday. 😊

Excited to start phase two soon! So far, no migraines for me-which is a huge bonus and makes me so excited. Also, eating the least sensitive foods have helped me clear my "brain fog" which I didn't even realize until it was gone! I have a lot going on, but now I can think more clearly and get interrupted in tasks, but remember to go back and finish them!

Delicious southwestern omelet

Do you want more info? PM me or call 269-369-2347.

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