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Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderful, safe, and enjoyable Thanksgiving! We can look at Thanksgiving in so many different ways. Happiness for all we’re thankful for. Sadness that we can’t spend quality time with family and friends we normally would be with today.

What are you thankful for?

I’m thankful for my health, my family, friends, clients, and healthcare professionals I interact with on a regular basis to provide better support for my clients.

Thanksgiving can be a wonderful time of thankfulness. It can also be a challenge due to food being at the height of attention. Is it challenging to know your fullness cues at the right times?

Plan ahead! Have something to eat prior to your Thanksgiving meal. That way, you’re not over hungry at the time the food is ready.

  • Enjoy the food, pause to breathe, regroup, and enjoy again. Eat some food at the main meal. Save other food for later today or enjoy tomorrow. Give 20 minutes between one plate of food before choosing more food to make sure that you’re aware of your fullness.


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