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National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

This week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. What does that mean? The goal is to raise people's awareness of this deadly group of mental health disorders and help prevent further people from having to deal with this daily. Eating Disorders are very serious and must be dealt with as quickly as possible for the best recovery.

Recovery doesn't happen over night though. It takes each person an individualized amount

Seek trained professionals to help you move to recovery
You don't have to face your eating disorder alone

of time to reach and remain in recovery. Outpatient care is available with a registered dietitian, therapist, and physician. Intensive outpatient therapy may be needed. There is also residential care and hospitalization if necessary.

Eating disorders know no boundaries. Eating disorders can occur in any age group, any race, any gender, any socioeconomic class. The key is seeking help as you'll be more successful to remove an eating disorder from your life with the appropriate trained professionals. Not only is your care team here for your support, but it is important to have supportive friends, family, and/or significant other to help you improve your life.

NEDA has an eating disorder screening tool at

You or someone you know who is struggling can take this quiz to learn if help is needed. Questions? Contact me today at 269-369-2347 or send a message via my website and I'm happy to discuss options with you.


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