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Can Food Changes Improve Migraines?

Can food changes improve your migraines? How do you answer this question? Years ago, when I was battling migraines routinely, I tried to find a correlation, but struggled indefinitely unable to narrow down my triggers. I knew stress, hormonal changes, and weather pressure changes all greatly contributed to my migraine onset. However, I felt that I wasn't looking at the full picture for decreasing and potentially eliminating my migraines.

I got very desperate, searching for how I could improve my quality of life due to my constant battle of migraines. If you have migraines, you completely understand the description when I say: hide under covers, shut all the black out curtains, hope I can fall asleep even though the pain is excruciating, put towel under door to block out sound, cancel appointments, get a bowl in case sickness occurs, etc. I was so tired of having to lay in bed multiple days in a row, where I couldn't spend the quality time I wanted to with my family. I was upset when I had to cancel my appointments for my work because I didn't feel I could drive or function at the level I expected of myself.

So, exploring is what I did. I tried so many ideas and nothing worked. I was tired of all the appointments, expense, my refusal of medicine as the medicine made me feel worse, not better, and I previously didn't tolerate anything I tried. This failure or multiple shortcomings, allowed me to persevere and continue to find true, sustainable answers. I thankfully stumbled upon MRT (Mediator Release Test) and LEAP (Lifestyle Eating and Performance). This was a comprehensive blood test to help reduce inflammation and calm my immune system. I wanted to learn all I could and so I completed all of the hours of continuing education and took the exam and passed! I did MRT myself. I followed the LEAP food plan and felt amazing! This was the only program that I had success. I was so excited!

Fast forward three years, and my migraines crept back up. Why? I wasn't successfully managing my stress, in addition, my work space unknowingly had mold and dust, which significantly and negatively impacted my health. I was having migraines every time I went to work, in addition to losing my voice within a few minutes of being in that environment. I wasn't able to pinpoint the office causing issues for quite awhile, but I finally could determine that wasn't helping my migraines. I retested myself for MRT and my inflammation was too high for my approval.

I started myself on LEAP in March 2019 and have yet to struggle from a debilitating migraine. I have been 132 days migraine free!!!!! I have had headaches periodically because the mold/dust created such a high sensitivity that I can get headaches from fumes of various types, but this also is improving.

I'm not having to cancel work days, I'm not having to sadly decline family time due to migraines, and I feel like I have my life back! It is amazing what I tolerated, and why I waited so long to get tested, but my role as a registered dietitian near you is to help you with your health! However, if I don't practice self care, and take care of myself, I can't help you as effectively as I want. Are you struggling with migraines? Contact me at 269-369-2347 or to get scheduled for an appointment to help you improve your quality of life! #dietitiannearme #StJoseph #abnutritionsolutions #migrainerelief


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